For what can you get baned?

  1. Cheating

  2. Using bugs to your advantage

  3. Not reporting bugs

  4. 2 warnings from a member of a staff team

  5. Begging staff team for a game modification or for stuff

  6. Advertising your social media and servers

  7. Asking for ranks

We hope you won't get banned, so you can become a master of the minigame TheBridge.

Why would you hack? That is why you came on the server, to practice! Don't be that guy which is ruining everyone's game. If you want to hack, then go somewhere else than our server or any other server, go in singleplayer. Hackers, people hate you! Shame on you

An example of what it should look like, if you beg, people will think that you are annoying! If someone wants to gift you a rank, then let them pick. Why would you spam the chat with "please I want a rank"? That is a reason why it's ban able.