HandK is a practice server. Handk is an academy for the minigame TheBridge.

Are you bad at TheBridge? No problem, come on HANDK.MC-JOIN.COM, and go practice now! Can't block clutch? no problem! Struggling with PvP? no problem! HandK is a great place to start getting better at the game! Everyone has that feeling that they can't compete on bigger servers because players there are too good. That's why you should come to HandK and give them a lesson about who is the boss here. Still can't get better at the game??? No problem you can join this awesome Discord server and ask the community. Feel like a master? You can buy ranks to have many cosmetics and special commands, if you feel like that isn't enough you can write us here what permissions should we add.

If you want to get more familiar with TheBridge, then we recommend you watch a few videos. One great video with tricks and tips of how to play the game is right here